The Beacons of Learning (Primary Years)

While Riverside offers Cambridge Assessment International Education Board (formerly known as CIE) as examination for 10th (IGCSE) and 12th (AS, A, O Levels) grades, Riverside’s bespoke Primary years Program fosters learning experiences rooted in developing knowledge, skills, and beliefs-systems crucial for the development of 21st century skills and problem solving among children. Riverside School’s Primary Years Program is not based on subject-specific teaching; it instead intentionally time-tables for learning through five Beacons of Learning - namely, Language, Logical Mathematical Reasoning, Scientific Temperament, Curiousity, Arts, and Play.

The Riverside School’s Primary Years Program brings well-researched, perfected pedagogic processes which provide purposful context to children, while creating empowering learning opportunities for young learners to build on to their knowledge and skills.


Empowerment Hubs are designed as one to six week long challenges for learners to cultivate a process based framework to solve problems. Empowerment Hubs are opportunities for learners to test, challenge, create, design, build solutions for organisations working towards solving real world problems. Learners use Design Thinking to build and design working solutions, test them through the partnering organisations, and then showcase their learnings and solutions for others - opening their work for scrutiny and inspection.

Learners typically engage with three Empowerment Hubs over the course of a year - each presenting a rigorous and urgent case for them build working solutions. These Empowerment Hubs are selected by learners, either directed towards global issues presented under United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, or a choice of social-problems within the domains of Art and Design, Technology, and Innovation. Riverside is grateful and delighted to have Mark Prensky offer his direction and wisdom in designing of the Empowerment Hubs.

Creator : The 2 Billion Kids Project

The most important thing we can do for our kids, in our new, 21st century context, is to help empower them further.

This means assisting all our kids in a 21st century journey to:

  • Acquire empowering beliefs (see free, 1 min eBook at )

  • Gain maximum self-knowledge about their unique dreams, concerns, strengths and passions,

  • Become powerfully symbiotic with technology and teams, and Constantly complete real, world-improving projects and accomplishments with Measurable Positive Impact.

  • Just "learning" is no longer enough for kids, as it was in the 20th c. Our new 21st century goal for kids must be becoming what they, and we, need: good, effective, world-improving people in an automation and AI-filled world.

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