We are not offering CIE October/November Examination series from academic 2019 onwards.

We offer these subjects at the IGCSE level (9th and 10th) at Riverside :

0500 English as a First language (Compulsory)
0549 Hindi as a Second Language or any other second/foreign language is (Compulsory)
0580 Mathematics (Compulsory)
0625 Physics
0620 Mathematics (Compulsory)
0610 Biology
0450 Business Studies
0455 Economics

Additionally, our students also appear for these courses that they do externally

0520 French Foreign Language
0417 Computer Science
0606 Additional Mathematics
0525 German as a Foreign Language

Students may appear for externally for AS/A/IGCSE subjects that are not offered by the school. Riverside will support students in the application procedure and be the exam center for subjects taken externally.