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Important Notice
Due to the extraordinary situation we all are in owing to Covid19 epidemic, Riverside school's teaching and learning is currently completely online!

So, we are looking for tech-savvy, passionate individuals determined to make a difference to the lives of children!

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  • Document

    Documenting stories and processes unique to the Riverside School's education practices to showcase to the world.

  • Teach

    Riverside is always on the lookout for passionate individuals keen on making exploring their love for learning through engaging education practices.

  • Aproch

    aProCH is an initiative of Riverside to make the cities more child-friendly, starting with our very own Ahmedabad. With the aim of expanding this initiative to other cities, we're looking for people who can drive the effort in various cities from start to finish.

  • RLC

    RLC is a research and training organization, which exists to take Riverside School's processes to the world. We are looking for passionate people who are interested in education, design and training to join the team.


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