• Lessons for Life!

    Grade 12 | Jan 2020

    Grade 12 students go for an Inner Sanitation Experience (InSanE) just before their exams through rag-picking and sorting of garbage. Serves as a reminder that exams are not the only reality they need to worry about.

  • Spreading Warmth in Winters!

    Grade 8 | Dec 2019

    Grade 8 distributed did a collection drive, and distributed warm clothes to communities in need.

  • Empathy through Experience!

    Grade 5 | Dec 2019

    Students of grade 5 undergo a rigorous experience of child labour as a part of the Citizenship Programme.

  • Week of Wisdom!

    Grade 7 | Oct 2019

    Grade 7 visited an old age home for a week, spending time having dialogues with elderlies.

  • Serving with Love!

    Grade 3 | Oct 2019

    Grade 3 students understanding the idea of service through Seva at a Gurudwara, as a part of Joy of Giving Week.

  • Growing by leaps and bounds!

    Grade 3 | Sept 2019

    Grade 3 students collected data about height and weight, to understand the developmental and nutritional growth of children of a Municipal School.

  • Growing up with the elderlies

    Keystage 3 | Aug 2019

    KS3 students visited an old age home, engaging with the elderlies as part of Citizenship Programme.

  • Understanding equity in education

    Grade 6 | July 2019

    Grade 6 buddied with children with special needs of Prabhat Foundation, to celebrate childhood and togetherness.

  • Fifth Graders' day out!

    Grade 5 | July 2019

    Grade 5 students spent a day at a Municipal School to understand child rights and the idea of privilege.


  • Repurposing for a purpose

    Keystage 3 | Sept 2019

    Grade 8 partnered with an NGO, Sarwa, for collection of pasti. The proceeds from selling this pasti will help provide underprivileged girls with basic sanitation.

  • Scarcity to Surplus

    Grade 3 | Feb 2019

    Grade 3 gifted 450 kgs of Dal to Akshaya Patra Foundation after experiencing hunger for themselves.

  • Citizenship Programme

    Grade 6 | Jan 2019

    Students visited the homes of their buddies from Prabhat Foundation to know their buddies better.

  • Citizenship Programme

    Keystage 3 | Jan 2019

    KS3 students visited Vatsalya Old Age home to spend time and build relationships with the elderlies of the old age home.

  • Joy of Giving Week

    Grade 10 | Oct 2018

    Grade 10 engaged in the true spirit of "Seva" at Gurudwara

  • Joy of Giving Week

    Keystage 3 | Oct 2018

    Grades 9 and 12 participated in the Anna Dan drive

  • Joy of Giving Week

    Grade 7 | Oct 2018

    Grade 7 celebrated the Joy of Giving Week by serving Lemonade and Sandwiches to the traffic police

  • Joy of Giving Week

    Grade 6 | Oct 2018

    Grade 6 celebrating Joy of Giving Week with Prabhat buddies

  • Joy of Giving Week

    Grade 5 | Oct 2018

    Grade 5 cleaned the street, shared food and toys with underprivileged children as a part of Joy of Giving Week

  • Joy of Giving Week

    Grade 4 | Oct 2018

    Grade 4 helped in Rag-picking and sorting of Garbage as a part of Joy of Giving week

  • Joy of Giving week

    Grade 3 | Oct 2018

    Grade 3 students doing Seva at Gurudwara as a part of Joy of Giving Week

  • Citizenship Programme

    Grade 5 | Sept 2018

    Students of grade 5 undergoes child labour experience as a part of Citizenship Programme

  • Citizenship Programme

    Grade 3 | Sept 2018

    As part of their Citizenship Programme, Grade 3 students visited a Municipal School in Amiyapur Village, to collect data

  • Citizenship Programme

    Keystage 3 | Aug 2018

    As part of their Citizenship Programme - Students played different games and spent time with grandparents at the old age home

  • Students experiencing Segregation of garbage

    Grade 4 | July 2018

    As part of their Citizenship Programme, Grade 4 Students experiencing Segregation of garbage