Meet the Eduheroes

Since the inception of the school in 2001, we have put a considerable amount of effort to ensure that the work environment at Riverside brings in the best and brightest talent. We choose to invest in the best.

  • Keshav

    Keshav is a visiting educator at Riverside School, where he facilitates environmental exposure. His particular interests are promoting environmental education and meeting the needs of special children. He served as a educator at Eklavya school for several years after completing his training at Eklavya Institute of Teacher Education. Keshav is the Managing Trustee and Director of the Prabhat Education Foundation.

  • Vishak Singh Jemal Singh Laddr

    Vishak Singh Jemal Singh Laddr (known to all of us only as Luckybhai) has been a Conductor since September, 2008. He is a strong Garba enthusiast and Navratri sees him coming into his own!! In fact, this year, he taught the Teachers and students how to do the Garba by conducting special Workshops. He has an extremely pleasant persona and is always willing to help.

  • Dhruv Trivedi

    Meet Eduhero Dhruv. Dhruv is very patient with kids and deals with utmost care. He is a health freak and therefore has been admired for his fitness. He is a very good dancer, too. He has been a part of cricket and table tennis teams in his school days. Dhruv has served the Riverside Team as a Sports Coach since June of 2004. He has diploma in Yoga.

  • Sunil Jagpal Yadav

    Sunil Yadav has been associated with Riverside – way before the School was founded. He started off as a Gardner and care-taker at the Sethi Residence, and today, he is the foundation of Riverside!!! His knowledge about plants, trees and insects, enables him to teach both students and teachers. He is Omni-present on campus; always ready to help wherever he is needed. Sunil loves being photographed and trying out different cuisines.

  • Ritu Agrawal

    Ritu is a B.Sc. Graduate and she also holds a Masters Degree in Dietetics & Food Services Management. She worked with Riverside for 5 years from 2003 to 2008 as a Pre-K Teacher and also handled admin work for the academic year 2007-2008. During her tenure at the School, she took in-house training in “Teaching for Understanding”, “Making Learning Visible”, “Multiple Intelligences”, “Differentiated Instructions”, etc. Then, for one year, she joined Apollo Hospital as a Dietician in 2008. However, her love for children and more importantly her “soul-connect” with Riverside, has brought her back to the School as an Administrator from 2008 onwards.

  • Deepa Avashia

    Meet Eduhero Deepa Avashia, also known as the Questologist. Deepa spends much of her time working to help students to become reflective, respectful, and accountable citizen leaders. “[Deepa ma’am] is a person I can approach,” said one student, “one who encourages you to push your limits, someone you can have fun with. [She is] maternal and approachable, holds moral authority, [and is] not swayed by popularity.” Working with students in congloms, classes, and one-on-one, she challenges them to be reflective about their own actions and to constantly work toward personal and communal growth. Understanding that the relevance of these discussions must be shown again and again, she works with students throughout their years in Key Stage 3, and makes sure to be a role model in her daily life. Parents appreciate that Deepa is both supportive and firm. Deepa has developed excellent management skills from her time working as a manager in the travel industry. She is also a teacher trainer who specializes in the modules of “Thinking Skills,” “Multiple Intelligence,” “Teaching for Understanding,” and “School Leadership.”

  • Jyoti Bagai

    Meet Eduhero Jyoti Bagai, also known as Ms Presilient. Jyoti’s goal is to make logical math and scientific thinking more interesting and easy to understand for all students. Jyoti enjoys finding more and more ways of making learning hands-on and rigorous, while also balancing experiential learning with writing practice. Apart from taking logical math in two classes and scientific thinking in Grade 6, Miss Presilient is concerned about needs of students and her teammates. And most importantly, she feels proud of being at Riverside and loves doing big and small things quietly. When we meet her students in Grade 4, they said she's most funny and makes math easy for them. Jyoti has a B.Ed. from JG College of Education and has studied Statistics and Mathematics at St. Xavier’s College. She worked at six schools prior to joining Riverside.

  • Veralika Bajpai

    Veralika Bajpai hails from the beautiful city of lakes Bhopal. Her education and work stints gave her an opportunity to go about trotting across the country which she absolutely enjoyed. She is a Commerce graduate and went on to do her MBA in HR and Marketing. She has also briefly studied French Language from Alliance Francaise and completed two levels. Before joining Riverside, she worked for 4.5 years as part of the HR team in Consulting and Start Up environments. Personally she loves to be in challenging work spaces that provide a plethora of learning opportunities along with a larger purpose that empowers people. When she is not working, you will find her reading, listening to music, watching and exploring different genres of movies, making next travel plans or seeking experiences that satiate her curiosity for wonders around her. She is working as a Program Manager with Riverside Learning Centre and supports the end to end planning and co-ordination of the training programs.

  • Reshma Baloch

  • Harisingh Mohanji Bhati

    Harisingh Mohanji Bhati (who we don’t know by any other name except Bhikhabhai), has worked with Riverside since August, 2002. Having joined as a Conductor, in 2006 he switched roles to be a Driver, and today, he heads the Transport Team and leads by example. An ever willing worker, you can consider any job done, when it is entrusted to Bhikhabhai. He enjoys playing Cricket and follows the Indian Team with passion. His favourite pass-time is to listen to new Hindi Movie songs.

  • Reshma Bhojwani

    Reshma Bhojwani has a B.Ed Degree from Gujarat University and is currently pursuing an M.Com Degree. She is a passionate learner and believes that "Teaching is Learning Twice". She is ready to learn new things and apply in her practice. Reshma cares deeply about all her students and constantly works towards building connections with them. Having had some experience in the field of Teaching, she believes that Teaching is full of surprises and one must be ready to adapt to new situations, reach out to and discover new strategies. Apart from her love for children, she loves to travel, dance and listen to music.

  • Rasik Dharmaji Bochiya

    Rasik Dharmaji Bochiya has been working as a Conductor since June, 2007. A self-confessed Foodie, he enjoys trying different cuisines, and has a special soft corner for most Rice dishes!! Quiet by nature, he is a dedicated Team player and works diligently on whatever task that is assigned to him.

  • Deepti Bora

    Deepti has completed her Bachelor of Education from University of Delhi in 2014 and later went on to pursue a Masters in Literature. At Riverside she takes English Language and Literature. Theatre has been a strong presence throughout her academic years and continues to be so. She takes keen interest in creating curriculum based on child psychology. She has previously worked as a curriculum developer in XSEED Education. Deepti's fondness for bird watching and stargazing often finds expression in her travels.

  • Itchha Chainani

    Meet Eduhero Itchha, also known as Possibilator. Itchha values the ideas of rigor and grit, and believes that each individual can change for better if one puts in both persistently. She inspires her students to be proactive and grow each day by choosing the right way and not the easy way. Her ability to design new ways for learning logical thinking helps children to seek relevance of what they are learning and apply it in real life scenarios. She shares her practice and pedagogy by conducting workshops, having conversations with her colleagues on a regular basis, and sending them research papers to read so that every child is benefited the most. When we met her co-teacher, Muzammil, he said, “Itchha ma’am is my mentor in a true sense, I have learnt a lot from her. There is no word like excuse in her dictionary. She takes on every challenge as an opportunity and commits her 100% to overcome that challenge.” Itchha has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Education, along with a Diploma in Fashion Designing. She has taught at Riverside for six years.

  • Bhavika Chandnani

    Meet Eduhero Bhavika Chandnani, also known as Optilute. Bhavika’s mission is to nurture curiosity and build confidence in all the students and colleagues around her. She has the spirit and personality to build good relationships with others and help them feel, “I can”! One of Bhavika’s students, who once faced difficulty in building relationships with his peers, said, “Bhavika ma’am helped me to understand myself and others’ feelings.” Additionally, a parent described Bhavika as being “patient, encouraging, loving and caring for the entire academic year.” Bhavika has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, in addition to a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and training from Harvard University.

  • Fozia Contractor
    The Synthesizer

    Meet Eduhero Fozia Contractor, also known as The Synthesizer. Fozia has a passion for reading, logical thinking and accounting, which she teaches to her students through different languages of learning. She adds value to her students’ learning by enhancing their awareness of current affairs by helping to build their perspective and asking the right questions. She also builds on their logical and mathematical competency and being empathetic, as she wants her children to be responsible global citizens. She aims to equip her students with good conceptual understanding and a bank of strategies by giving metaphors, hands on real life experiences, playing games, using manipulatives and doing problem-solving scenarios. Fozia also helps her colleagues better their practice by training, doing observations and giving constructive feedback. This helps educators share and elevate their practice for teaching the relevance of learning to their young learners. When we met one of Fozia’s students, she said, "In her presence , we feel a sense of responsibility as a global citizen. She has a great sense of humor and holds us accountable." A parent said, "She is a friend and an inspiring teacher for my young daughter." Additionally, a colleague added that "Fozia's laughter echoes through the room and her mindfulness about various tasks and people ensures its completion to the T." Fozia is a B.Ed graduate from IGNOU, a B.Com graduate from Mumbai University and an ICWA graduate. She has also worked as a Management Auditor for 3 years for a multinational company.

  • Ipsita Das

    Hard Work and determination, that is how we recount Ipsita. Blessed with immense work ethics, she has worked in a bank and her quest for excellence has also seen her weave magic at the hallowed IIMA. Be it preparing for a session or any leisure activity, her astute and meticulous planning has not left anything to chance. When not engaged in any academic work, she can be spotted lighting up the badminton courts with her dazzling smashes. She has a penchant for painting which she remarks helps keep her creativity alive and lets her unwind. This eclectic mix of attributes along with her desire to learn and experiment with different pedagogical methods, brings her to Riverside.

  • Deepa Dattani
    The Comforter

    Meet Eduhero Deepa Dattani, also known as Lady Comforter. Deepa has a passion for yoga, which she feels is essential for a healthy mind and body. She adds value to her students’ learning by teaching them simple yoga techniques to enhance their ability to concentrate and learn. Her continuous research on new teaching techniques and implementing the same in her class has helped her students gain confidence and showcase their utmost ability. When we met a parent of one of Deepa’s students, she shared, “Yash was a very introverted child and would never share his toys with anyone. He was quite aggressive, too, but the way you handled him is worth a standing ovation from my family. You became a second mother for him and the school an extended home. The way you moulded him into a boy who would listen to all of my instructions at the drop of a hat by merely saying “Deepa ma’am had asked you to do it, Yash” is just like a miracle. Deepa has a Bachelor’s of Science (Home) from M.S. University, Vadodara. She has been an educator at Riverside for the last seven years.

  • Phoram Desai
    The Architect

    Meet Eduhero Phoram Desai, also known as The Architect. Phoram gives her best to uphold the Riverside culture, imagining how her work will add value to both parents and students, doing what is right by the child and sharing to expand her circle of influence. When we asked one of our team members about Phoram’s role as a Key Stage 1 Leader with Archana Todi, she said, “Phoram ma’am is always open to help. She uses her strength to enhance our learning experience. She inspires the team to stretch and not stress.” One of our Grade 2 students last year said, “I will always remember her hugs and how they made me feel when I was upset. I will come to her for hugs even when I go to Key Stage 2!” Phoram is an Arts graduate from Mithibai College, has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from IGNOU, and has Postgraduate Diplomas in Early Childhood Education and Hotel and Hospitality Administration from SNDT University, Mumbai.

  • Pranay Desai

    Pranay Desai has 11 years of design practice behind him. He graduated from the prestigious MS University of Baroda and specializes in Visual Communication. His core competency is in the area of Graphic Design. Pranay has been a visiting faculty for Art and Design at Riverside for the students of Keystage 3. He has been responsible for the design backend and support for Design for Change since its inception in 2009.

  • Nikita Desai

    Nikita Desai has recently joined as a member of Design For Change - Global team. She has been with Riverside School for the past 15 years as a parent, an educator, Head of Riverside Learning Center and as a School Leader for Key Stage 2. (Grades 3 to 7) The fundamental philosophy that drives Nikita’s impeccable work ethic of hard work, dedication and user-centered design is, knowing that with adequate opportunities and support, every child can do anything and everything. Attuned to the Design for Change motto of ‘I Can’, she aspires to help all her students become aware of what bothers them and then to empower them to shift focus from vision to action. Nikita’s understanding of the pedagogy has been strengthen through training in Multiple Intelligence, Differentiated Instruction as well as an online course by the Harvard Graduate School of Education - ‘Teaching for Understanding’. She was invited to present Riverside’s philosophy by the Royal Education Council of Bhutan and Day Star School, Beijing. She has also been to schools in Rajkot and Chittoor as an auditor for their pedagogy and practice. Nikita enjoys interacting with people and meeting new minds, photography, listening to music, travelling and trying different types of food.

  • Hiral Dholakia

    Meet Eduhero Hiral Dholakia, also known as Smilangelica. Hiral spends her time learning about the nuances in various practices at Riverside, planning schedules for workshops, sharing the achievements of students and guiding guests through the Riverside journey. Additionally, Hiral works to create innovative strategies for reaching out to the public, improving on existing models, and planning remedial programs for SEN. Hiral’s colleagues have conveyed that she is extremely passionate about her work, and it is evident in her compassionate and patient handling of students and visitors. The Director of Riverside, Kiran Sethi, said, “Her ability to adapt to situations and be immersed in new situations is visible.” Hiral has a Master’s degree in Special Education with a specialization in Learning Disability from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. After five years of experience in the field of assessment and remedial work, she went on to co-found the REACH School in Mumbai for children with learning disabilities prior to joining Riverside.

  • Amit Dixit
    Captain Equilizer

    Meet Eduhero Amit Dixit, also known as Equalizer. Amit is passionate about reasoning and interpretation and his strategies add value to anyone and everyone around him while noticing, questioning and listening with utmost care. When we met his students, this is what they had to say: "He keeps us engaged and the class is not to be taken lightly. His examples allow us to think more about the topic and diagrams allows us to make connections in various situations.” Additionally, one parent said, “His ability to pick up on their patterns and work on them is simply unmatched, and the care he takes of them is unending. We are at peace when kids are with him.” Amit has a B.Sc. from Sir P. P. Institute of Science and a B.Ed. from Bhavnagar University. He has been teaching mathematics for eight years and worked as a script-writer for animated movies about mathematics for two years.

  • Rashida Fayazbhai Gavli

    Rashida Gavli has been working with us since July, 2009. She loves cooking for her family and travelling is something she really enjoys. She is an enthusiastic worker and is always eager to learn new skills. Although shy by nature, she gets along with all her peers and is an able Team worker – ready to take on any tasks allocated to her.

  • Joshua Ferro
    Jo Jo PUNdit

    Meet Eduhero Joshua Ferro, also known as JoJoPUNdit. Joshua enjoys looking at the world through the lens of logical analysis while cracking jokes and sharing laughs with gyan. When we met his students, this is what most of them had to say: "JJ keeps us engaged. His puns allow us to think more about the topic and make connections. We get to think and ask why to everything.” Another student shared, "Arre siiirrr! Yeh toh bahot hi ganda joke tha, thoda to standard badha do." Additionally, when we spoke to a parent of one of Joshua’s students, he shared, “He knows how to make my kid feel comfortable and identify something new in them." Joshua has a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry and a B.Ed, both from Gujarat University. In addition to his practice in chemistry and education, Joshua enjoys playing guitar, saxophone, and drums.

  • Ankita Gadhvi
    Ms Responder

    Meet Eduhero Ankita Gadhvi, also known as Miss Responder. Ankita is passionate about turning her students’ passion into profession. You will find her providing children with the best exposure to align their aptitude towards their career. She has been handling multiple tasks, making sure that the quality of her service is excellent with each step. This comes very naturally to her as she is very hardworking and dedicated. Ankita is very open to feedback, which has helped her polish her practice with time. When we met her students, this is what they had to say: “Ankita Ma’am has been a person who has excited us to have passion and work towards achieving it.” Additionally, a parent said, “I think she has been doing a fantastic job of increasing Riverside’s presence across the globe as well as helping students identify their true potential and follow their dreams.” Ankita has a Master’s degree in Business Management with a specialization in Finance from Gujarat Technology University. She teaches Economics and Accounts in Grades 11 and 12.

  • Nikita Ganatra

    Nikita Ganatra has completed her schooling from St Joseph's Girls High School and has completed her BBA degree from KIIT (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology) from Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. Her interests are dancing, singing and exploring new places. She also likes to spend time with her family. She believes that children are the most beautiful creatures of God and she looks forward to begin the journey with the young toddlers and see them grow with love and compassion. Her strength lies in being a keen listener as she believes that being attentive to each child helps in building trust and relationship giving him/her a comfort zone. She is enjoying learning the Riverside philosophy and processes. Each experience being a new learning for herself, she aspires to grow........but at the same time is dedicated to elevate her students to make them ready for the world.

  • Mehtab Sabir Gavli

    Mehtab Gavli has been with us since June, 2006. She loves reading and you will see her with a book whenever she has even a little free time. She has a very caring nature and enjoys being with young children. She has recently learned the art of stitching and is now imparting her learning to her peers. Her dream holiday is to stay on a Beach – anywhere in the country!!!

  • Zaheeda Salim Gavli

    Zaheeda Gavli has been with us since June, 2009. She loves to dress up immaculately every single day and an integral part of her dressing, is the use of Kajal in her eyes!! She loves cooking and travelling as also watching movies and listening to Hindi songs. A conscientious worker – who sticks to her routine, she has recently been assigned to the Art Room, and she handles the set-up as well cleaning of the space just as immaculately as she dresses!!!

  • Mumtaz Gavli

    Mumtaz Gavli is just one month old at Riverside. She has just moved from Rajkot and it is the first time she will be working in a school setup. She loves to dress up immaculately every single day. She loves to try out new cuisines.

  • Sandeep Singh Avtar Singh Gill

    Sandeep Singh Avtar Singh Gill (known to all of us as Sonubhai) has been a Driver at Riverside since August, 2006. However, he started off as a Conductor and then trained to become a Driver. He is an avid Sportsman and enjoys playing varied Sports. He also likes to watch Bollywood Movies and the Kapil Sharma Comedy Show on Television is his all-time favourite.

  • Rajvinder Singh Gurdeep Singh Gill

    Rajvinder Singh Gurdeep Singh Gill has been a Conductor since November, 2007. He enjoys dancing, playing cricket and watching old Movies. He has tremendous knowledge about Hindi Movie Actors of yesteryears, and what he does not know about them, he’ll research and fine out!!! Basically a shy person, it takes him a while to interact with and speak to new people.

  • Srimonti Guha

    Srimonti is known to have a smile on her face always. She has completed her graduation in Psychology Honors from Christ University, Bengaluru and went on to pursue Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology from Bangor University, United Kingdom. Srimonti has completed her fellowship with Teach for India and was an Educator at Riverside. She has also worked with other renowned schools across India. She is currently pursuing her B.Ed degree. Along with education sector, she has also worked as a chef and is a professional photographer. She has a deep passion for travelling. On weekends she loves exploring food joints and new places in the city she lives in. Srimonti is known for being hard working, empathetic and having a happy-go-lucky attitude.

  • Asma Hussain

    Meet Eduhero ​Asma​. ​As​ma's passion lies in her deep interest on how do children learn best. She has been in the field of education from a very young age. Asma has taught children from a diverse age group, teaching science and math to young second graders to teaching economics to high school students. She directs her pedagogy practice in enabling children to be independent thinkers. She has been a school educator for five years and her voluntary teaching goes back to more than seven years. At Riverside, she works with the DFC team, with whom she works toward the implementation of the Design Thinking Curriculum across the country​. This gives her an opportunity to interact with different stakeholders and disseminate her leanings in building a strong network of educators who work on building the “I Can” mindset. She also works as a resource person and is currently working on different resources which focus on 21st century skills. Asma is friendly and very approachable, and she operates with a solution-oriented​ approach. Asma has volunteered with the British Information Center, Guwahati in various capacities. She is a certified GLOBE teacher. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Education from Gauhati University.​ She was a 2013 fellow at Teach for India. Asma enjoys working with technology. She's an avid reader and huge movie buff.

  • Ranjhani Iyer
    Ms. Terracotta

    Meet Eduhero Ranjhani Iyer, also known as Ms. Terracotta due to her qualities of adaptability and grittiness. Ranjhani strives to have each of her students hold an opinion of their own and not go with the general flow. Understanding, taking a stand and expressing one’s views is what she strives for in every student. Sharing about her work with her friends becomes a very dear moment for her and she does it with zeal. When we met Ranjhani’s colleagues, they spoke very well of her. Sulekha ma’am said, “Ranjhani is an enthusiastic learner, a helping hand and has a cheerful attitude.” Itchha ma’am said, “She is like a sponge and has quickly adopted and adapted to Riverside practices.” Ranjhani has a Master’s degree in English and Communication Studies from Christ University, Bengalaru. You will always find her with a book or listening to music.

  • Namrata Jajoo
    (H)OLA! (Observer-Learner–Arranger)

    Meet Eduhero Namrata Jajoo, also known as an (H)OLA! (Observer-Learner–Arranger). Namrata is passionate about the well-being and development of educators, students, and self. She spends her time conducting observations, researching, mapping, making connections and re-imagining processes, as well as sharing relevant ideas and possibilities with learners around her. When we spoke to the RLC team, they said that they “love [her] observation and mapping skills.” Namrata has fifteen years of working experience in the fields of corporate communications, marketing, and education. She is a postgraduate in Public Administration, is completing her Ph.D. thesis on “Quality Circles,” and has received training from Harvard Business School.

  • Anukul Jana

  • Hetal Jariwala
    Mama GenSitive

    Meet Eduhero Hetal Jariwala, also known as Mama Gensitive. Hetal always seeks to improve the well-being of her students and teachers. She comforts them by listening to them with a lot of patience. She also allows for a lot of voice and choice in her daily practice by showing the relevance of everything. You will see her stretching herself to improve on her practice and doing so regularly. When we met Prachi, a student of her class, she shared, “We can go to Hetal ma’am whenever we are feeling low. She makes all the sessions quite interesting, but especially when it comes to hands-on learning.” Hetal studied Commerce at Gujarat University and has a B.Ed. She has taken courses in “Training in Multiple Intelligences,” Teaching for Understanding,” and “Making Learning Visible” as well.

  • Purvi Kamdar

    Purvi is a Chartered Accountant and Hypnotherapist. She has completed her M.Com, and also has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from IGNOU. She is a Therapist and Counselor and has been practicing alternative healing for almost 2 years, through which she empowers people in various areas of their life by clearing emotional, mental and physical blocks, and guiding them in their spiritual growth. She is a Tarot – Angel Card Reader and Reiki healer also. In the past she was involved in her Family's Automobile business for almost 7 years. She enjoys reading, painting, dancing, fitness activities, listening to music, mindfulness meditation, healing activities, etc.

  • Muzammil Khan
    Mr. Reason's

    Meet Eduhero Muzammil Mohammed, also known as Mr. Reason's. Muzammil is great with listening to students and their concerns, helping them to come out of their confusion, and sharing the best solution in the best possible manner. Itchha, Muzammil’s co-teacher, shared: "Muzammil, you're a very hard working and positive person. You take critical feedback in a positive manner and work on it effectively. Thanks for being with me this year!" Additionally, a Grade 7 student said, "We have always waited for your sessions and I will never forget the way you taught us through experiments." Muzammil is a graduate from MG Science Institute and holds a B.Ed. from JG College of Education.

  • Nilesh Khare

    Meet Eduhero Nilesh Khare, also known as TechMan. Nilesh believes that technology is a way of life. His work adds value to Riverside by integrating technology into real life in a way that makes it accessible. He spends his time with children on how to work with different tools to make life simple. The children are well versed with the tools they know and can apply them where and when needed. When we met his students, this is what they most had to say about him: “We always enjoy and learn new skills in his IT sessions. He is patient and takes time with everyone till they understand. He always shows different examples and tutorials in his sessions for which he does a lot of research. In all his sessions we find that his interest and focus is exceptional. He always helps us to understand different skills and is also very polite. We always wait and are excited for his sessions. We are looking forward for next year IT sessions.” Nilesh has a degree in Multimedia and Animation. He taught at Aptech for two and a half years.

  • Chandni Khemka

    Chandni Khemka believes in Growing each day and learning from everybody around her. After completing her Dual degree in MBA from Chennai, she attempted the Civil service examination. She got married recently and shifted to Ahmedabad and now is also enjoying exploring the food here. She is a trained dancer, artist but is working more on her modern Calligraphy lettering. She loves trying out new things in life. When it is resting time, she loves listening to music and watching movies. Her love for travelling has made her explore and research about a lot of places in India. She loves talking to children and that keeps her happy. She believes in "Keep smiling and make everybody smile too, you never know how much difference it would make in that person's life. Also, it will make you feel positive!!"

  • Kunal Lalchandani

    Kunal Lalchandani is an alumni of the 2015 graduating batch of The Riverside School. Armed with a BBA degree in Finance from NMIMS, Mumbai, he returned to join his alma mater. After interning with RLC, he is now a sports coach for KS3, and conducts physical fitness sessions for Grades 8, 9 & 10. He also co-ordinates with the other coaches on campus for designing programs for all the Key Stages. In addition, he takes Business Studies sessions for Grades 11 & 12. He is passionate about sports and is redefining the meaning of success in sports!! Kunal is a foodie and loves to try everything edible; but he loves Choley Bhature the most. His pleasant nature and strong work ethics have gained him huge respect in the team and he is proving to be a great asset for all the teams he works with. Kiran’s remark that Kunal stands tall… literally and figuratively befits him aptly.

  • Ritika Maheshwari

    Ritika Maheshwari's association with The Riverside School started with her joining as a Student in Grade 11 in 2011. After graduating in 2013, she joined the National Academy of Event Management, Ahmedabad, to do a B.B.A. in Event Management. It took her some time to settle down in college, as her heart was still in Riverside, and she realised she wanted to come back here to learn more. She initially interned for a year, and in November 2017 she officially joined the Riverside Team - handling Studios, Admin and whatever she was asked to. She loves meeting new people and understand their profession or way of working, which enables her to grow.

  • Premila Makwana

    Premila Makwana is another new entrant – having joined Riverside in July,2018. She is our bathroom warrior. She is a quick learner and has adapted to the school routine very easily, despite this being the first time she is working in a School. She is very caring by nature, and loves being with young children. Not only does she enjoy cooking, but she also loves to serve others the delicacies that she makes.

  • Jahnavi Mehta
    The Humanist

    Meet Eduhero Jahnavi Mehta, also known as The Humanist. Jahnavi’s goal is to infect as many children as she can with the ‘I CAN’ bug. By adding value to Riverside – and through Riverside, the world – she makes a difference daily. Jahnavi conducts school visits, audits, and teacher trainings for a range of schools within and beyond India, and she regularly shares the best practices of Riverside with everyone. When we asked one of Jahnavi’s colleagues about her role at Riverside, he said, “Jahnvi is a friend, mentor and guide to me. Her presence has the ability to raise the energy in any space. Her tireless dedication towards Riverside, her exemplary stamina, makes her an ideal leader… keeping faith in and for Riverside and its people!” Jahnavi has been at Riverside since its inception for fifteen years. Additionally, she is a graduate in Commerce and has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from IGNOU.

  • Neena Mehta
    The Reed

    Meet Eduhero Neena Mehta, also known as The Reed. Neena strives to bring out quality output by using her language skills and articulation in writing to help her fellow educators. Neena’s ability to build professional and personal relationships has been an asset to Riverside. She values the school’s purpose and has a passionate way of promoting its cause, which she demonstrates while managing the aProCh initiative and working with Mizan Leaders and trainees. What we consistently hear from Neena’s colleagues is that she has a calm persona and the magnitude of her work does not phase her; this in turn spreads the same equanimity to others around her. Neena has Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration from Sydenham College and Computer Technology from Purdue University, in addition to a Postgraduate Diploma in Systems Management from NIIT.

  • Vinita Modi

    Meet Eduhero Vinita, also known as Flogent. Through art, Vinita creates a space where her children get to know themselves, others and the world better, allowing for the enrichment of their sense of empathy. Her intervention gives them a pause, gets them to go closer to things; to find the extraordinary in the ordinary; to discover patterns both physical and psychological, as a fall out of the gap that is likely to be bridged between individuals. An intervention in weaving with Grade 6 made some of them say, “We got to know skills and attitudes as we always focus on content and character – it was a balance of that,” ”Weaving was similar to Zen Mode because in weaving we also get time to be calm and patient and it was like a reflecting time for me,” and “Weaving slowed me down. If I had a bad day I would cool down when weaving.” Vinita has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Art. She has been teaching at Riverside for twelve years.

  • Shafaq Munshi

    Shafaq Munshi has a pleasant and extrovert personality. She enjoys bringing a creative twist in her sessions and adopting new methods of teaching. Her enthusiasm is contagious and so is her smile! Teaching for her is a two-way learning as well as an interactive process which enables growth of not only the learner but also the educator. Her love for kids keeps growing day by day as she moves ahead on the journey of being an educator.... currently in KS1. Shafaq is a Commerce graduate from Gujarat University and holds a B.Ed degree from GLS University. She intends pursuing M.Com in the near future. She loves to travel and explore new places and is always ready to learn and do new things.

  • Suja Nair
    The Intentionalist

    Meet Eduhero Suja Nair, also known as Intentionalist. She cares deeply about all her students and always tries to form personal connections with them. She is a lifelong learner whose imaginative and creative blend helps her to make learning meaningful and interesting for her students. When we met one her students, this is what she had to say about her: “Suja ma'am is one of the most energetic and fun-loving people who strives to make her sessions interactive and engaging. Apart from being extremely patient with the kids, she is always found taking feedback from different people to become a better version of herself everyday. She is honest in her opinions without ever hurting people.” Suja has a Master’s degree in Physics and a Bachelor’s degree in Education, both from Gujarat University. Along with her studies she has also earned a diploma in Software Programming. Her love for stage and performing arts has ensured that she continues to learn the dance form of Kuchupuddi even today. She has been teaching Physics in Key Stage 3 for the past seven years and has a total of ten years of teaching experience.

  • Sulekha Nair
    Ms. Kind

    Meet Eduhero Sulekha Nair, also known as Ms. Kind. Sulekha believes in balancing character with content and enjoys sharing anecdotal moments of her grade. One of Sulekha’s students shared, “Dear Sulekha ma’am, you are an incredibly great educator, lovely ideator, and most of all, a kind soul. I love the energy that you always bring in. Thank you for being there for guiding, helping and supporting us always.” Ranjhani, one of Sulekha’s co-teachers, shared, “You are a great mentor who gives room for mentees explorations, expert at classroom management, quick at sharing ideas, problem solver and a person who never gives up.” Sulekha has studied Economics and History. She has been a teacher in Ahmedabad for twenty-five years.

  • Balivinder Singh Sukhbirsingh (Billu) Nanda

    Balvinder Singh Sukhbir Singh Nanda (known to the Riverside family as Billubhai) joined Riverside as a Conductor in March, 2009. He is very popular with the students, since he is very patient with them. He enjoys the game of cricket – not only to watch it on Television, but also play the game whenever an opportunity arises.

  • Seema Panj Nermeti

    Seema Panj Nermeti is an amalgamation of the rich Hindu and Muslim heritage inherited from her educator parents. She was always given the freedom to choose what she wanted to do. It can be seen in the gamut of education she acquired.... a Graduation in Sociology, Public Administration and Political Science as well as a diploma in Systems Administrations from NIIT and a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and other certificates that were acquired in last 2 decades spell out loudly that Seema has no Seema!! In the 25 years of her rich experience as an educator and administrator she has had opportunity to work with the best brands as well as start up schools. She also has the expertise of setting up a school, running the administration, dealing with multiple boards and handling diverse mind sets. People usually get a pleasant surprise when they find her serene demeanour suddenly cracking a whacky joke. This fun side comes handy while dealing with stressful situations or helping subordinates and colleagues open up. According to her, the best solutions and initiatives are driven with a smile and a lil' bit of unaudited laughter. She has a doting husband and an over zealous son who constantly keep her on the feet. She also has pets who (she claims!) love her more than her husband and son put together. Seema loves cooking for people she loves & also loves eating with everyone. She enjoys working with kids as she knows she is growing with them.

  • Prasmi P. R.
    Lover of Nature

    Meet Eduhero Prasmi P.R., also known as the "Lover of Nature." She finds beauty in every specimen of the natural world and holds herself responsible to take care of the same. She hopes to pass on the baton of protecting the environment to the students at Riverside. She believes that awareness and scientific thinking will empower the students to fulfil this responsibility. The study of science reflects not only the human understanding of the world around them, but also brings them closer to other living things with whom they share this beautiful planet. Prasmi has completed her B.Sc. and B.Ed. from Delhi University, along with a Diploma in Environmental Law from WWF (India). She has worked with an environmental NGO before joining the field of education in the 2010. Her prior work experience includes over six years in the primary years as a homeroom teacher and grade coordinator, in addition to training and handholding new teachers for the IB Primary Years Program.

  • Bhoomi Panchal

    Bhoomi has graduated from Mumbai in the year 2011. She has done Early Child Care Education from Rachana Foundation, Mumbai. Born and brought up in Mumbai and worked in different fields like Financial Consultant in (ICICI Prudential), Front Desk Executive in (Kashmira Commerce Classes), Personal Banker in ADFC subsidiary branch of (HDFC) Bank Ahmedabad and worked in Schools like Tweeties, Kidzee, Oxford, Shanti Juniors and she is in the education field from the last 10 years. She has been living in Ahmedabad since 5 years with her parents and siblings. Studying is her passion and she is a keen learner. She enjoys dancing, music and travelling. She believes in I-Can and in I-will power in a very positive manner.

  • Prerna Parashar

    Prerna is a B.Sc (Biotechnology) graduate and holds an M.B.A in Human Resources from Mumbai University. After a brief stint in advertising, she switched to a Learning and Development role in the corporate sector. She then transitioned to a teaching role at The Akanksha Foundation. Soon after, she was selected as a Teach For India Fellow. She believes in the power of creativity, collaboration, kindness and curiosity and wants kids to be the bearers of these values too. Besides savouring food, music and movies, she enjoys painting diyas and doing Mandala Art.

  • Mukesh Parmar

    Mukeshbhai Parmar has been working as a Driver since February, 2014. He loves playing cricket and listening to Gujarati songs in his free time. He has a good sense of humour and loves to crack jokes. Like most others, he too is fond of travelling – within the city and out of town.

  • Nilesh Patel
    Dr. ExperiCurious

    Meet Eduhero Nilesh Patel, also known as Dr. Expericurious. Nilesh enjoys teaching scientific thinking and is always asking questions, cracking jokes and designing experiments. When we met his students, this is what most of them had to say: “He keeps our curiosity alive by keeping his curiosity alive by designing experiments. We always have fun with him, and he keeps us engaged in his sessions because he make us observe different phenomena that make us think. His Friday challenges are really fun as well. He is very passionate for his subject because he shows the relevance for each topic and crack jokes in physics language. He is a person who doesn’t just speak but proves phenomena and shows it. We have learned from him that if you trust your theory than you trust your practice.” Nilesh has a Master’s degree in Physics with a specialization in Spectroscopy from The Maharaja SayjiRao University of Baroda. He has studied the relationship between photospheric magnetic flux and coronal X-ray emission of the sun as research scholar at the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad.

  • Priti Patel
    Dr EmWise

    Meet Eduhero Priti Patel, also known as Dr. Emwise. On a typical day, you will find Priti welcoming everybody with a warm smile and a comforting hug. Priti adds immense value the Riverside community by putting immense energy into her relationships with everyone at Riverside. She is loving and trustworthy, and you can rely on for any kind of help. “When Priti ma’am is there, nothing to worry,” one parent said assuredly, “she knows our children so well, the times when they are low or need any kind of help we trust she is there for them.” Prat cares deeply for each of her students, and constantly goes out of her way to make sure their wellbeing is her first priority. This effort is not lost on the students. “Ma’am comes with a positive energy,” said one of her eighth grade students, “she lightens up the place with love and humor.”

  • Sagar Patel
    Pied Piper

    Meet Eduhero Sagar Patel, also known as Pied Piper. Sagar is interested in physical fitness and conducts sports sessions for students. When we met one of his Grade 8 students, this is what he had to say about him: “He is always fair in his decision and loves to play with the students. He always guides the students to plan a better coaching session by pushing them further. You will always see him surrounded by KS1 kids at the end of the day waiting for his cheerful goodbye.” Sagar has played hockey at the national level for five years and uses his passion for the sport to teach his students to enjoy playing sports as well.

  • Parul Patel
    The Wall

    Parul Patel is associated with The Riverside School since its inception in 2001. A B.Com Graduate, she started her career as a Junior K.G. Teacher in 1990. Currently working as an Administrator, Parul was actively involved with the Design for Giving School Contest in 2009, and is an integral part of the Design for Change Global Contest since 2010. She enjoys reading and watching movies, and is an out-and-out people's person. Her administrative skills are impeccable and she puts her heart and soul into everything that she does.

  • Mahendra Patel

    Mahendra Patel has been working at Riverside since November, 2015. He is very quiet in nature and goes about his work with full dedication. He lends a helping hand in keeping the campus clean at all times and diligently takes care of all the plants and greenery around. He is a willing worker and takes on any responsibility entrusted to him.

  • Monisha Purohit

    Meet Eduhero Monisha Purohit, also known as Actitudent. Monisha stays true to the values she believes in and her strength lies in the fact that she never gives up. She believes in teaching and reaching students by focusing on the 3 R’s of Riverside: relevance, relationships and rigor. By bringing opportunities such as business challenges and expert interventions, she connects classroom teaching to the real world, which leads to enduring understanding. and tries to build a strong bond with her students. Moreover, she adds value to the Riverside team by mentoring other teachers to focus on quality learning. Monisha has been working at Riverside for the past Nine years. She has a Master’s degree in Commerce, a B.Ed, and has received her Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers.

  • Vidhi Rajdev
    Flash Girl

    Meet Eduhero Vidhi Rajdev, also known as Flash Girl. Vidhi believes that “one size does not fit all” in the classroom and works to teach and reach each child in her class. She adds value with her calm nature and patient approach along with her constant effort to hone her practice by design and not by chance. Vidhi’s performance in the classroom hasn’t gone unnoticed. As one TeacherEd member remarked, “The way [Vidhi] addresses the needs of children with special needs is commendable and shows her ability to reach out to all in her class.” A parent of one of Vidhi’s students said, “Whatever roots you are developing in my child -- it’s simply amazing.” Vidhi has a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, in addition to a Master’s degree in Finance. Vidhi has three years of working experience in education.

  • Peena Vijay Rathod

    Peena Rathod has been working with Riverside since July, 2012. She has an extremely friendly nature and you will always see a smile on her face. Living in a joint family has taught her the art of working very amicably with her peers. A willing worker, she will readily step in wherever she is asked to, and diligently complete any task assigned to her.

  • Nandita Sahai

    Nandita completed her BA (Hons) from Miranda House and Masters in Arts from St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi and further pursued her Bachelors of Education from University of Lucknow, India. She has passionately worked with students of all ages at Vasant Valley School, Delhi and DPS, Bopal, Ahmedabad, holding responsible positions. She believes in making a difference so as to make this world a better place. She firmly believes that every child is gifted and is passionate about bringing out the best in each one of them. Nandita is keenly interested in organizing various events and team building exercises, is also an ardent costume designer and loves experimenting with recipes.

  • Yashvant Singh Sandhu

    Yashvant Singh Sandhu (popularly known as Gollu bhai) has been a conductor with Riverside since May, 2017. He is very quiet and shy by nature, and one has to really make an effort to get him involved in a conversation. He enjoys playing Cricket and always ready to watch Salman Khan movies.

  • Kiran Bir Sethi

    Kiran Bir Sethi is a Designer who became a Teacher, a Principal who grew into an Education Reformer and subsequently morphed into a Social Entrepreneur. A trained Graphic Designer, she comfortably uses the language of Design – iteration, prototype, design specs – to develop not only curriculum innovation, but also community-based Social Programmes. After graduating from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (India) in 1989, Kiran successfully ran her own Graphic Design Firm for over a decade. She moved into Education when she founded The Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India in 2001, which is now viewed as a Laboratory to prototype “design processes” that enables “transformative” student learning experiences. Kiran is also the founder of 'aProCh'—an initiative to make our cities more child friendly, for which she was awarded the Ashoka Fellow in 2008. In 2009, she received the "Call to Conscience Award" by the King Centre at Stanford. In 2009, Kiran launched “Design for Change” which uses a simple 4 step design framework – FIDS (Feel, Imagine, Do, Share) to cultivate the I CAN mind-set in all children. Today DFC is the world's largest movement of change - of and by children, and today, it is in 61 countries — impacting over 2.2 million children and 65,000 Teachers. Over the years, Kiran, Riverside and Design for Change have won several accolades and Awards, and some of them are: • In 2011, Kiran won the prestigious "INDEX – Design to Improve Life Award". • In 2012, Kiran was awarded the "Rockefeller Foundation Youth Innovation Award”. • In 2014, Design for Change was declared Lego Foundation's "Reimagine Learning Challenge Champion". • In 2015, Kiran was amongst the Top 10 Educators, nominated for the Global Teacher Prize - instituted by the Varkey GEMS Foundation. • In 2015, Design for Change won the Commonwealth Education Good Practice Award. • In 2015, Kiran was conferred the Asia Game Changer 2015 Award by Asia Society. • In 2017, Kiran met the Pope in the Vatican to sign an Agreement whereby DFC is being introduced in over 460,000 Catholic Schools across the Globe. • In 2017, DFC has been recognised as one of the 100 most innovative educational programmes in the world by (based in Finland). • In 2018, Kiran has been awarded the “Light of Freedom” Award, at the Vital Voices, U.S.A., Global Leadership Awards. • In 2018 Edutopia covered The Riverside School for best practices. • The Riverside School is consistently ranked as the No.1 International Day School in the City of Ahmedabad and State of Gujarat by EducationWorld India School Rankings. Kiran currently resides in Ahmedabad with her Husband – Geet Sethi and two wonderful children – their son, Raag and daughter, Jazz. She loves listening to music, watching movies, singing, dancing and has an insane love for fruit-filled Dark Chocolates!!! | |

  • Jazz Sethi

    Jazz Sethi is a professional choreographer and performer from Ahmedabad. She has performed over 200 professional shows in India and abroad and has completed her training from Broadway Dance Centre New York. Along with dance as her base, she has conducted and attended several theatre programs and incorporates a lot of theatre semiotics in her choreographic pieces. She has 7 years of teaching experience from Spin Academy where she was a senior instructor and choreographer. She has worked with professionals like Tom Alter, Abhishek Saha, Rahul Bose and Abhijat Joshi through her performances. Jazz is a published poet and an avid reader, who loves to travel and listen to music. She is working on introducing Performance Studies into the curriculum at Riverside, and is also heading a Multidisciplinary Studio Arts Division.

  • Raag Sethi

    Raag Sethi graduated from the Woodstock International School in Missouri in 2009, after which he took a gap year to work for the Design for Change contest which was featured in TED that same year. He completed his undergraduate degree from Chapman University, California in Integrated Educational Studies with an emphasis on schools in the community and music performance in Classical Guitar. Currently he works at The Riverside School, conducting Professional Development courses for teachers regarding Pedagogy and other teaching methods. He teaches Music, Global Perspective and Literature for High School. He also has a Jazz band in Ahmedabad and organizes the Ahmedabad Jazz & Blues festival annually. Raag is currently pursuing his Masters of Science in Psychology in Child and Adolescent Development.

  • Hemant Chinubhai Shah

    Hemant Chinubhai Shah joined Riverside as a Driver in March, 2009. Unlike most other members of the Team, Hemantbhai enjoys playing Chess, and is ever ready to play a game of Chess if time permits. He enjoys watching Bollywood movies and listening to old Movie Songs. He is an excellent Mimic and loves to imitate members of the Riverside family.

  • Karishma Shah

    Karishma Shah has done her M.Sc in Environmental Biotechnology from Sardar Patel University. Thereafter she worked for Environment Communication with World Around You (WAY) organisation. She has also worked with the Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre (VASCSC) for a little less than 5 years, conducting indoor and outdoor activities with rural as well as private school children. She has an extrovert personality, and her curiosity and readiness to learn has added a lot to her experience. She has always enjoyed teaching students in an innovative and creative manner and this inclination towards teaching made her develop an interest in getting a B.Ed degree from Gujarat University. She is currently one of the home room teachers of Grade 6 kids and also teaches our Grade 9 students Biology.

  • Neha Shahani

    Neha Shahani, is passionate and enthusiastic about teaching. After completing her schooling from Rajasthan Hindi High School in Ahmdabad, she went on to secure B.Com and B.Ed degrees from GLS Institute. She intends pursuing her Masters now. She is helpful and considerate by nature and also enjoys watching movies and listening songs. But dancing is her passion and crafting gives her immense happiness. She has recently started her facebook page NehArt, which is related to art and craft. She strongly believes in the quote by Gandhiji, "Education which does not mould the character is absolutely worthless."

  • Shabnam Shaikh
    Ms FlexArtive

    Meet Shabnam Shaikh, one of our K2 Eduheroes who’s known for bringing happiness to the children in her classroom. Her belief that every child learns differently encourages her to incorporate novel ideas and strategies to her practice. As one of her K1 students from last year noted, “Nobody knows how to make me wear my pants but [Shabnam ma’am] did something and my pant got fit for me.” Shabnam is very creative and serves as a great and supportive mentor in her areas of strength, including costume design for the Artist in Residence (AIR) program in all Key Stages and a librarian. One of our Riverside Parents said, “I have always found [Shabnam] very responsive and helpful.” Shabnam is a Commerce graduate and has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from IGNOU. She enjoys exploring arts and crafts through different mediums.

  • Rukshana Shaikh

    Rukshana Shaikh has been at Riverside since June, 2009. She is a very caring and emotional person, but shy in nature. Her strong religious beliefs, saw her go for a Haj pilgrimage with her family in 2015, and that has been the highlight of her life till date.

  • Roshan Sadik Shaikh

    Roshan Shaikh has been at Riverside since December, 2008. Being immaculately dressed at all times is her passion. She is an adapt seamstress and has recently acquired the art of Quilling, which she has put to use by making Tea Lights in her spare time. She is very particular about students not leaving behind their belongings, and you will find her constantly reminding students to take their belongings.

  • Moinuddin Shaikh

    Moinuddin Shaikh is a Commerce Graduate from Seth R A Bhavan's College, Ahmedabad. Prior to joining Riverside, he worked as a Supervisor in K.C.I.C. Pvt. Ltd., a Ground Handling Agent operating at the S.V.P. International Airport, Ahmedabad. Moin is a very soft-spoken and humble person, completely dedicated to his work. Besides looking after the Science Laboratories and Maker Space on campus, he ensures that the School premises are well maintained at all times. He is always willing to help people, in whatever way he can, and enjoys driving and traveling.

  • Raju Shaikh

    Raju Shaikh has joined Riverside as a Lab Consultant. He has a B.Com Degree from Ahmedabad College, and has previously worked in the Garment Industry. Raju is a soft-spoken and humble person who is very dedicated in all that he does. Besides handling the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Laboratories, he also helps look after the maintenance of the School premises. He enjoys driving and travelling, and is ever willing to help in whatever way he can.

  • Jaya Sharma

    Meet Eduhero Jaya Sharma, also known as Mistree. Jaya is passionate about the sustainability of earth and tries to get others to make informed choices considering the highest order for a sustainable biosphere. She reveals the amazing designs of life in all forms and their values, which in turn ignites the sense of respect and care for self and others. She makes the living world appear worth taking care of. This journey includes activities like looking into a body after death and drama, and through that, all the ‘whys’ start to unravel. Sharing happens all the time between her and her students, be it when one is falling ill or falling in love. When we met her students, this is what they most had to say about her: “How excited she is about life is inspiring. We remember having fun dissecting the heart of a buffalo – I haven’t heard happening in any other school! She focuses a lot on ensuring we learn to take care of ourselves.” Jaya holds a Master’s degree in Science with a specialization in Genetics and a B.Ed, both from Kolkata University. She has been teaching for fifteen years.

  • Hemlata Sharma

    Hemlata Sharma - known as Rupal on the Riverside campus, has done her schooling from Central Academy School, Beawar (Rajasthan) and her from MDS University, Rajasthan. Her hobbies are dancing, listening to music and surfing the net. She also loves spending time with her family. A fresher in the Teaching profession, she looks forward to growing as an Educator, with the various opportunities available to her at Riverside. With her strength of hard work, self motivation, dedication and being a constant learner, her long term goal is to give her best to her students, and thereby serve the School with loyalty and sincerity.

  • Dr. Poonam Sharma Pathak
    Lady Vayaktakar

    Meet Eduhero Poonam Sharma, also known as Lady Vayaktakar. Poonam has a passion for Hindi, which she teaches to her students through different languages of learning. She adds value to her students’ learning by enhancing their language competency and being humane, as she wants her children to express their feelings better. She aims to equip children with good vocabulary and a bank of strategies by reading with them, playing word games, and creating and enacting different stories, poems and letters. Poonam works with students, parents and other teachers alike and is open to feedback. When we met her students, this is what they had to say about her: “We enjoyed sessions, learnt a lot of new vocabulary and got to know how we can read Hindi in a better manner.” Poonam has a Ph.D. in Education from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University in Agra, along with Master’s degrees in Hindi and Economics. Additionally, she has been a lecturer for seven years in a B.Ed. College and is qualified as a Nursery Teacher Trainer.

  • Sarfunnisa Khalilahmed Shekh

    Sarfunnisa Khalilahmed Shekh is the newest member of our team, having joined us on 1st August 2019. She loves cooking for her family and traveling is something she really enjoys. She has 5 years' experience of working in a School. She is an enthusiastic worker and is always eager to learn new skills. Although shy by nature, she gets along with all her peers and is an able Team worker, ready to take on any tasks allocated to her.

  • Nilufer Siganporia
    Mama BearHugs

    After working in the corporate sector for over 31 years, Mrs. Nilufer Siganporia joined Riverside as an Administrator for Key Stage 3 in April, 2009. A Commerce Graduate, with a Diploma in Secretarial Practices, she is essentially a P.R./H.R. person. She is the first point of contact for visitors at Riverside, whom she familiarizes with the Riverside philosophy and environment, before handing them over to the concerned Educators/Facilitators. Besides this, she also handles the correspondence for the entire school and works on the logistics of Kiran’s extensive travels. She plays a pivotal role in organizing travel, boarding & lodging, ground transportation, sight-seeing tours, etc. for Riverside Guests, who come over to attend Conferences, Seminars, Jury duty and Award Ceremony for DFC, and so on……….. Her inherent love for children has made her a popular “Agony Aunt” – not only for students of all age groups, but also for the Teacher Team!!! She loves to travel around the world with her family, reading mushy romances, listening to music and dancing. Nilu is “high on life” and just wants to bring love and joy in the lives of all whom she meets. Her life’s mantra is “God has a Plan for my Life, and that’s all I need to know”.

  • Ujjawal Singh

    Meet EduHero Ujjawal. Ujjawal feels strongly about the cause of education and believes that the purpose of education is to empower children to live happy and fulfilling lives. He quit his job of six years as an Analyst in a Software Company to work as an Educator. During his two-year Fellowship and Training with "Teach for India", he has worked as a full-time Teacher in a low-income School of Ahmedabad. He was a regional topper for Gujarat in CENTA’s Teaching Professional’s Olympiad and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. He enjoys playing outdoor games with his students and practices Yoga and Meditation.

  • Jasu Solanki

    Jasu Solanki worked with a Travel Agency as an Office Clerk for nearly 15 years, before joining the Accounts Department at The Riverside School in November, 2011. He is in charge of handling accounts of the school. Besides this, he is also solely responsible for maintenance of the Building, premises and equipment used at school.

  • Pinky Praveen Solanki

    Pinky Solanki has been associated with Riverside since July, 2009. She is a very caring and loving person, who loves being with children. Her current involvement with Pre-K has earned her the title of being the “3rd Teacher of Pre-K” – thanks to the dedication with she works with these students. She is an excellent seamstress who is also very good with embroidery work. She loves to create various molds and models from clay and this makes her very popular with her young students.

  • Mayur Kishorbhai Solanki

    Mayur Kishorebhai Solanki has been working as a Conductor since December, 2011. He too loves new-age Technology – especially in Mobile Phones. He enjoys travelling around the city and watching new Bollywood Movies. Student well-being is of paramount importance to him, and although he is a quiet and shy person, he will speak up when it comes to the safety of the children on the Bus.

  • Minaxi Solanki

    Minaxi Solanki who have recently joined our parivaar. She is mother of 2 kids and loves working with young students. She has worked closely with younger children in previous school .Looking at the skills she comes with she has been stationed in K-2.

  • Jignasa Sondagar

    Jignasa is 42 years old and is a single mother. She has 3 daughters and a son. Whilst her oldest daughter is working, the remaining 3 children go to school. She enjoys cooking and makes delicious Gujarati food!! She lives with her children in Noble Nagar. Her present scope of work at Riverside includes cleaning and helping in common areas. She will also lend a helping hand wherever needed. She is a hardworking and energetic individual. Do say hello to her when you see her around.

  • Roli Terway

    Roli has done her Masters in English Literature. She has lived in many different cities all over India and thus has a cosmopolitan outlook. She started her career in Bhilai by working as Assistant to the Chairman of an Engineering company. From there she moved to working in a Pharmaceutical company in Ahmedabad. She has overcome a seemingly insurmountable physical condition with cheerfulness and a strong will power. Hers is the story that determination can make you achieve anything in life!! She is fond of movies and cooking and is a peoples person. She is often described as "a vivacious and fun loving person"

  • Dashrathbhai Laxmanbhai Thakor

    Dashrathbhai Laxmanbhai Thakor (popularly known as Dashrath Kaka) has been a Driver with Riverside since February, 2008. He is very quiet and shy by nature, and one has to really make an effort to get him involved in a conversation. However, he is extremely dedicated and any job entrusted to him will most certainly get done. He loves listening to old Hindi Movie songs.

  • Ketan Thakor

    Ketan Thakor has been a Conductor at Riverside since December, 2015. Very quiet and reticent by nature, it takes a lot to get him to speak up or involve him in any conversations. His favourite pass-time is to watch new Bollywood movies.

  • Kanthibhai Thakor

    Kanthibhai Thakor has been a Driver with Riverside since July, 2018. He is very quiet and shy by nature, and one has to really make an effort to get him involved in a conversation. He loves travelling and enjoy eating different cuisine.

  • Vijay Thakor

    Vijay Thakor has rejoined the Transport Team as a Conductor effective 1st April, 2019. Having worked as a Conductor for nearly 4 years earlier, he is well aware of his role and responsibility as a Conductor, and is looking forward to his Second Innings with us. He is interested in Sports, Music and Films.

  • Mira Thomas
    Lady Mindemo

    Meet Eduhero Mira, also known as MIND-EMO. Mira feels strongly about inclusivity and adds value to the Riverside community by having conversations that are rich. She strives to get her children to meet various minds and designs a variety of experiences that bring perspective and the world to her children. Her children will be a reflection of all that she has done through the year; as they interact with unknown people and new spaces, they will be confident of who they are. A parent of one of her children said, “Mira is deeply involved in the lives of the children she is with. She understands each child, his/her strengths and areas of concern and works to provide each of the children, opportunities to develop themselves.” Mira has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, in addition to an MI Certificate from Harvard University. She has been a teacher for nine years all across India, including Manali and Bangalore.

  • Archana Todi
    The Faith Keeper

    Meet Eduhero Archana Todi, also known as The Faith Keeper! Her patience and sensitivity allows her to work very well with students and parents alike, in addition to serving as a Key Stage 1 Leader with Phoram Desai. She values “every today” by multi-tasking and honoring deadlines. Archana never misses an opportunity to share her learning with the team as well as educators beyond Riverside, thus enabling one and all. Speaking to her role as a Key Stage 1 Leader, one teacher said, “We have an immense belief in [Archana] because she does what she says. We feel safe under her caring nature, and her intention and effort to elevate every team member is really appreciated.” Additionally, one parent stated how she is “proud to have such a loving and caring mentor who will not only take care of our children but also guide and mentor us for our well-being.” Archana has Bachelor’s degrees in Education and commerce from IGNOU, in addition to studying education at Harvard University and jewelry designing from the National Institute of Jewelry Designing.

  • Kalpesh Kumar Kantilal Trivedi

    Kalpesh Kumar Kantilal Trivedi joined Riverside as a Driver in June, 2007. He enjoys playing Cricket as well as Volley-Ball. He is a quiet and soft spoken person and emotional by nature. His paramount interest is to ensure that the children he drives to and from school commute safely in his bus.

  • Mayur Vagehla

    Mayur Vaghela is 19 years old and is a passionate football player and has played in a state tournament. He stays in Sadar Bazar and has been working part-time in our school for the last 1 year (On Saturday & Sunday). His work includes cleaning alongside Mahendra bhai in the common areas, the ground and doing odd jobs as and when required. He is a hardworking and energetic individual.

  • SharadKumar Vaghela

    Sharad Vaghela has been a Driver with Riverside since February, 2017. He is very quiet and shy by nature, and one has to really make an effort to get him involved in a conversation. He loves travelling and enjoys homemade food.

  • Yusuf Vaghjipurwala

    Mr. Yusuf Vaghjipurwala did his Bachelors and Masters in Accountancy and Management from Gujarat University. He pursued a Company Secretary Programme from ICSI and is currently pursuing a PhD in Accountancy from GLS University. He has experience of teaching various subjects like Economics, Mathematics, English and Management. He was previously employed with Nelson's Higher Secondary School and Vedant International School. His energetic attitude makes the class lively, and his strengths are his speech and expressions. He grabs his students' attention, by always introducing a Quiz in his sessions. He always carries a sweet and gentle smile on his face which spreads positivity amongst all around him - be it students or teachers. He is very soft spoken by nature and his strength is his passion, dedication, determination and honesty in all that he does.

  • Varsha Vidhani

    Varsha Vidhani has done her Engineering in I.T. from Nagpur. She has a teaching experience of two years from one of the renowned schools of Nagpur - Mother's Pet Kindergarten. She loves the company of kids and feels that they radiate the purest form of love. She is glad to be a Teacher and believes that Teaching is the greatest form of optimism. Her goal is to be one about whom her children look back, to feel the warmth of her love in their hearts. She wants that students shouldn't be learning for tests; they should be learning for their life. She is creativity personified and loves cooking and dancing!!

  • Mamta Wadhwa

    Mamta Wadhwa is a B.A. with Psychology. She is the mother of a 12 year old; and has been in the teaching profession for the past 5 years. She is passionate about working with the early childhood age group. She believes that experimentation and meaningful interaction is a part of her profession, and this enables her to connect with young children and help them to be immersed in a wide and rich learning environment. She also believes that each child is unique and needs time and assistance to understand and grasp things at her / his own pace, make new friends and to build their self confidence at an early age. She is optimistic by nature and she enjoys sketching, painting, listening to Music, travelling, making new friends, swimming, etc.

  • Kirti Zala

    Meet Eduhero Kirti Zala, also known as Persipatient! On a typical day, you will find her creating opportunities for children to engage in free play as a member of the aProCh program. Kirti enthusiastically organizes different initiatives like Street Smart, Parents of the Park, City on Cycles and Mov’ing Experience. When we met her stakeholder, Mr. Neeraj from NGO Saath, this is what he had to say about her: “Kirtiben has provided an opportunity for children to experience and explore spaces outside their community. She is able to handle situations under pressure in calm and confident manner, making each experience beneficial for the child.” Another stakeholder, Mr. Soham Shukla from Spark Foundation, added, “Her dedication to make programs valuable and successful, and her relationship-building skills and continual support ensures partners are always motivated. Kirti has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from B.K. School of Management, Ahmedabad, as well as a Master’s degree in Finance from Strathclyde University, Scotland. She has worked in the Hospitality Industry for 7 years and is currently running a Placement and Staffing Firm.

  • Hetal Zala

    Hetal Zala is a dedicated and qualified teacher having M.Sc – B.Ed degree, with major in Chemistry. She is pursuing Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and two of her research papers have been published in an international journal. She has been associated with quite a few renowned schools in the eight years of her career. She has explored herself in IB during IA’s and Extended Essay work of Chemistry. Her objective / philosophy is "to participate in finding young mind’s purpose, develop their commitment, and reach their potential to achieve success. To inculcate inspiration, nurture passion, scale up creativity and ambition, empower youth to be more resolute, principled, respectful in all spheres, open-minded, caring to colleagues and the environment, risk takers and have a balanced approach to life." She believes that a teacher has to be a life-long learner, so she keeps herself updated through a number of courses and tutorials. Not only is she sound with the theoretical aspect but she also has a good command over Practical Chemistry. This helps her help the students to love Chemistry as a whole. People who know her value her for her punctuality, discipline, dedication and sincerity towards professional life. Her experience till now has been immensely rich and rewarding and has made her a reflective human being.

  • Sabina Zamindar
    Ms Actitude

    Meet Eduhero Sabina, also known as Ms. Actitude. Sabina makes learning happen through games as the main strategy, which engages all the students and increases their participation in the task. She has innovative ideas and different techniques for using a variety of materials to create things. In addition, Sabina encourages her students to have an “abundance mentality” to share any piece of information or skills that they learn. One parent said that Sabina “[has] been more than a mother to my child, and helped him bloom.” Students said that they would miss having different experiences and opportunities provided by Sabina, and that they enjoyed getting to explore a variety of materials with her. Sabina has been at Riverside for ten years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and at present is pursuing her B.Ed degree from Gujarat University.

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