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Jun 23

KidSpirit 2017 Award

Very proud to share a link to the work of our Budding Writers - Kavya Shah of Grade 8 and Samarth Jajoo of Grade 9, who have won the KidSpirit 2017 Award

Jun 09

What a lovely moment!! Kiran Sethi and Monica meet Pope Francis!!

Kiran Sethi meets Papa Francesca - the Pope - in the Vatican, to sign an Agreement for implementation of Design for Change in Catholic Schools across the world....

Current Happynings

  • Grade 7 engrossed in a Session on Scientific Thinking

    Jul 17

  • Grade 5 performed a Mime for their Assembly Performance

    Jul 14

  • Grade 5 performed a Mime for their Assembly Performance

    Jul 14

  • The Bhutan and Brazilian Teams bidding adieu to the RLC Team on their last day on campus

    Jul 14

  • Archana conducting a Phonics Workshop for Parents of K-1

    Jul 13

The growth I’ve seen in my child after she joined Riverside last year has been nothing short of magnificent.

- Sahil Arora, Riverside Parent

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