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Riverside is the amalgamation of an approach to learning that is embedded in common sense. It is a vibrant research center for school education, where insights from cutting-edge research are turned into working models of pedagogical practices with a single-minded focus: student wellbeing. Read More


Mar 19

Grade 10 celebrated DECAGON on 19th March, 2018.

Decagon is a ceremonial 'thanks' from the students showing gratitude and appreciation to the teachers, support staff, and their peers.

Mar 18

Riverside Learning Center

Introducing Workshop Series 2017-18

Current Happynings

  • Grades 5 and 6 - Camps at Mt. Abu

    Apr 25 – Apr 27

  • The Sundervan Entrance designed by Grade 7 Students

    Apr 24

  • Culmination of Grade 7's Client Project - Inauguration of the Entrance Gate of Sundarvan

    Apr 24

  • Grade 7 .. Students are painting the entrance gate as a part of their Client Project

    Apr 20

  • K1 .. Students observing how to do sorting

    Apr 20

The growth I’ve seen in my child after she joined Riverside last year has been nothing short of magnificent.

- Sahil Arora, Riverside Parent

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