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Mar 19

Grade 10 celebrated DECAGON on 19th March, 2018.

Decagon is a ceremonial 'thanks' from the students showing gratitude and appreciation to the teachers, support staff, and their peers.

Current Happynings

  • As part of their Persistence Programme - Heal, Key Stage 3 Students, spend quality time with Cancer Patients

    Jun 16

  • Founder & Director of one of the leading coaching institute "Career Launcher" in Ahmedabad sharing his journey from being a Technocrat to an Educationist to Grade 11 & 12 students

    Jun 15

  • K2 .. Recap of addition and subtraction through a story

    Jun 14

  • Grade 10 .. Parent orientation

    Jun 14

  • Students of Grade 6 went to the Jama Masjid, to participate in Iftaari as part of learning and respecting different cultures

    Jun 12

The growth I’ve seen in my child after she joined Riverside last year has been nothing short of magnificent.

- Sahil Arora, Riverside Parent

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