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KS3 English / Literature Teacher

The Riverside school has a position open for a key stage 3 (grades 8 through 12) English / Literature teacher. The teacher will primarily be working with students who are taking English and/or Literature at the AS & A levels (i.e., grades 10 through 12; Cambridge International board).

The ideal candidate will have prior experience in teaching English / Literature at the AS and/or A levels.

Please email us at for further details, or if you wish to apply

KS2 IT / Computer Science Teacher

The Riverside school has a position open for a Comp. Sci / IT teacher. The teacher will be responsible for teaching key stage 2 students (grades 3 through 7) basics of information technology, including:

A) Vector graphics software like Inkscape
B) Simple movie making using Windows Movie Maker
C) Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher)
D) Introduction to programming (Scratch, Python)

The teacher will also be the point of contact for the staff and coordinate with the school's IT support company.

The school is pursuing an integrated curriculum; therefore, the teacher will work in a team with the science, math & studio (makerspace, art & design) teacher team to develop and implement courses & lessons that blur the difference between math, logic, programming & application.

The ideal candidate would have a sound understanding of programming paradigms (Object Oriented Programming & Procedural programming) & be comfortable working with and teaching middle school students.

Please email us at for further information, if you wish to apply


Documenting stories of best practices at The Riverside School to create a model for a larger audience.


Riverside is always on the lookout for teachers interested in innovative means of teaching math, science, language, and theatre.


aProCH is an initiative of Riverside to make the cities more child-friendly, starting with our very own Ahmedabad. With the aim of expanding this initiative to other cities, we're looking for people who can drive the effort in various cities from start to finish.

Design for Change

Design for Change (DFC) is the world's largest movement of change where children are designing solutions for a better future and putting those ideas into action.

The growth I’ve seen in my child after she joined Riverside last year has been nothing short of magnificent.

- Sahil Arora, Riverside Parent

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