Our Campus

Our campus was designed to nurture young minds and to allow for creative freedom of thought and action. These are some of our most beloved spaces, described by the students of Grade 6 (Batch: 2015-16)

Key Stage 1 Backyard

The Key Stage 1 backyard physically joins two classrooms but is home for almost the whole school. Be it inter-class interactions or even just having lunch, this space is open for it all. The cool winds, the rustle of the leaves and the innocent chatter have all become a memorable part of this place. The backyard will always be special for every batch that goes through Riverside.

Inika and Anvi - Grade 6

Key Stage 1 Classrooms

The Key Stage 1 classes are homes of comfort and learning. They have different corners like the books corner and creative corner that allow us to hone our interests in a creative manner. We love our spaces and that’s why we keep them clean, organized and decorated. To ensure our comfort, classrooms even have washrooms in them. Comfort is the key in KS1 classes, and that’s why we say school is our second home.

Mokshaj and Meesha - Grade 6

Key Stage 1 Installation Area

In the installation area we showcase the talent and creativity in all of us through artistic models. The area takes on the hue of our colourful thoughts. We take this as an opportunity to learn and build relationships with each other, as we explore our imaginations and different materials to express our thinking. We take pride in our installations.

Dhruv, Tejveer and Aarjun - Grade 6

Key Stage 1 Play Area

The play area is the hot favourite of the school. It is where everyone gets to be a kid. This is where we enjoy the green grass, the Jungle Gym and the toy house; learning becomes play here. Deeply immersed in building castles in the sad-box or playing with the swings, you’ll find Pre-k buddies very busy at almost any time of the day.

Ananya, Preet and Kabir - Grade 6

Key Stage 2 Art Room

The Art Room is where young artists are in the making and are always up to some “arty” magic. We have all the freedom to express our thoughts and feelings, in that circle of beauty, through different art techniques. This is where we get to teach too, through mentoring and discovering, and hence our teachers learn art from us. Art is a way to express self, so opinions matter and they are never rejected.

Rajveer, Mokshaj and Parisha - Grade 6

Key Stage 2 Courtyard - The heart of the School

The courtyard is a welcoming place where we meet and greet each other in the mornings. We use this scenic place for Congloms, to assemble as a school and most of the time eat and play around. We enjoy the trees, the cool air and chirping birds. On special occasions and celebrations, the whole school (teachers, all students, and support staff) come together in courtyard, and we all meet and see each other!

Anumeha, Vanshika, Kavya - Grade 6

Key Stage 2 Gazebo

The gazebo is a unique, octagonal, partly open space where we have our Key Stage congloms, art sessions, discussions and meetings. The support staffs also take pleasure of this beautiful place in their free time. During lunch, this is a great place to play around. It is one of our favourite places in the school.

Prisha, Swayam and Suzaan - Grade 6

Key Stage 2 Infotainment Room (IT Room)

The IT room is a space where our learning meets technology. Be it typing write-ups or learning different software, listening to songs for the assembly performance or just time-pass, this place is open. Ably handled by our ‘Techman’, the IT room helps us explore and connect the world to us.

Vishrut and Aman - Grade 6

Key Stage 2 Sports Ground

The sports ground is a place where we are in high spirits and totally energised. When we go to the ground, we forget everything and play the sport. Sports coaching is an important idea on Sports ground. Our sports teachers are very loving, but they push us to be team players, be physically fit and have sportsmanship spirit.

Tejveer and Preet - Grade 6

Key Stage 2 Stage Area

This is where our talents come alive. We dance, act and perform freely and make the stage lively and energetic. Each one of us shines out in a different way through our assembly performances and during the Artist in Residence. We explore our fears and talents on stage. No matter how shy or quiet some of us are, when we step on the stage, we lose our inhibitions and get into character to give our best!

Aarya, Rudra and Sanya - Grade 6

Key Stage 3 Hall and Terrace

The hall and terrace are some of the most important spaces of Key Stage 3. They provide anything from sports, coaching to congloms and session space. These spaces are like the energy suppliers for us. They have all the key elements of good sports fields and are designed keeping the safety of students in mind. A grade 8 student shares, “We always look forward to attending sports sessions there which are like stress busters.”

Vishrut, Rajveer, Aditya - Grade 6

Key Stage 3 Lounge

The lounge brings a sense of comfort and depth to students, teachers and visitors alike. Its location helps enjoy the surrounding beauty, the architecture, nature and even the energy flooding the place. Anyone can collapse onto the beautiful chairs that adorn it like the CD chair made by us or even just a simple couch, be it due to weariness, need for space or for waiting – this space can cure it all! “The lounge area is where we hang out, talk about our day and share”, says a grade 12 student.

Aagam and Meesha - Grade 6

Key Stage 3 Science Lab

The new science lab of Key Stage 3 allows young scientists to foster a spirit of questioning and enquiry to inculcate Scientific Temprament. Students understand science as a “verb and not just nouns.” Students get hands-on learning experiences and experts intervene to help them understand how the natural world functions. Students are able to see the cause and effect relationship between phenomenon. They thereby develop an understanding that nothing is random in nature and how we have employed skills and our understanding of natural principles to achieve ends that improve human life.

Key Stage 3 The Silent Space

The silent space is the heart of Key Stage 3 which radiates warmth, energy and peace. It lightens our mood. A grade 10 student shares, “The silent area seems to talk to me sometimes.” The silent space is one of the most loved KS3 spaces, where smaller key stage or multiple grade meetings happen regularly.

Sanya and Parisha - Grade 6

The Readery

The Readery is a host to bubbling minds and brewing conversations at Riverside. Technically a Library - yet a lot more than just that, it has been co-created with students - both readers and non-readers. The Readery is inviting and interesting; designed specifically to entice students into reading more than they otherwise would. Recognizing that reading is one of the most important skills one needs, along with the fact that students are reading lesser and lesser these days, the Readery hosts sessions and events that engage the students and encourage them to read a range of books, and move forward in their journey from “appreciation” to “enjoyment” of the English language.