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Asset Result - Winter 2014

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Grade 4 Overview 2013-2014

Grade 4 Hindi Overview 2013-2014


15th August, 2013

Dear Parents,

In the past fortnight we have had a lot happening in grade 4. To begin with, we had an expert intervention with Dr. Anand Chandak, an orthopaedic surgeon who spoke to the students and answered their queries regarding the muscular system. Two of our students, Reina and Inika organsized a Treasure Hunt conglom which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students. At this point we would also like to make a special mention to Sarah who was also part of the student conglom in July. But her name was not mentioned in the previous update. The students watched a video on Seva Café, they met with the Seva Café team and decided to volunteer with them as part of their citizenship programme. There was also a conglom by Nikita Ma’am on a new thinking routine – CSI (Colour, Symbol, Image) where the students listened to a story and put down their takeaways in the form on symbols, images, and in colour.

Language Package:

  • Language through cinema (movie – Lion king) was completed.
  • The students listened to “The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs”, which was a story from the Wolf’s perspective. This led to a discussion of how every story has two sides. They thought about how, even in The Lion King, there could be other perspectives. The students wrote stories from the perspective of the antagonist – Scar and are currently working on a script for their assembly performance.
  • RAFT – the students were introduced to the format of informal letter writing.
  • In a session with Mira Ma’am they learnt how to decode headlines.
  • Rigour for Punctuation and spellings through dictation.
  • The students read and decoded an article on muscle injuries and wrote a summary on the same.


  • They students did a poem “Dadi Amma” through which they did comprehension, learnt new vocabulary, sentence construction and familial relations.
  • A reading comprehension worksheet was done with the grammar core as synonyms and singular and plural.
  • They students played a game which emphasised on their ability to articulate and express themselves called Just a Minute where they were required to speak on a given topic for 1 minute.  

Logical thinking:

  • Decoding the given word-problems step wise using the strategy to illustrate or writing mathematical statements through a worksheet.
  • Solving the given math cards
  • Mental math
  • Mindspark in groups
  • Recap of 2 by 2 multiplication
  • Fractions through a worksheet where they coloured the given part according to the instructions given to them. Also they found out how much part is left uncoloured. (Addition and Subtraction of fractions)
  • Looked at Math through stationary objects like crayon boxes, sketch pen packs, postits, pencil boxes, sharpeners, etc. and solved various problems related to their cost and distribution that required them to apply all math operations that they have learnt and solve it step-wise.

Scientific Temperament:

  • Read an article about hamstring injuries and got introduced to the terms like sprain, strain, partial rupture, RICE therapy, etc.
  • We met with Dr. Anand Chandak, an orthopaedic surgeon who explained to us more about muscle injuries and the treatment. We got to know P.R.I.C.E.R is the latest way of treatment for muscle injuries. He explained each of the steps in detail.
  • To enhance the scientific temperament of the students, we had a session with Aruna ma'am and Mansi ma'am. The emphasis was on observation leading to inquiry which further leads to exploration and investigation. From this session, students understood that unbalanced forces cause movement.


  • The students were introduced to Windows Live movie maker and learnt to use of Monitor window and timeline.
  • They learnt how to add photos in timeline.
  • They made a simple movie using pictures.


  • The students first explored different techniques in water colours. Next they sketched real leaves and used the techniques to get the desired effects.
  • In a session they observed and interpreted a painting ‘the room at Arles’ by Van Gogh. They observed that they could make better sense of the work by staying with it longer. Listening to others helped to widen their understanding. It was found useful for different disciplines as well as in their relations with people.

Patchwork with old paintings and new ones is what they are doing at present. They will create a patchwork with at least three layers as any experience is multi layered!

For any queries, please contact us, before 7 p.m.

Warm Regards,

Itchha and Anagha 



Quotable Quotes

"When educating the minds of our youth, we should not forget to educate their hearts."


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