Special Education Needs Programme

Today, major concern of education fraternity is to meet the specific cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs of children, who due to lack of expertise or intent are either pushed to the periphery or sometimes even out of the mainstream system.


To become an embodiment of culture and practise that fosters understanding and tolerance and prepares students of all abilities to function in the world beyond school. To create a league of practioners who emerge as Special Educators, both in mind and spirit.


To collaborate with institutions, professionals in the field of Special Education to spread awareness and provide an enriching environment for all its beneficiaries.

Road Map

A formal policy to establish protocols for admission of children with specific need is established and includes the following

  • Functional assessment followed by a comprehensive management plan by the assessment team.
  • Development of an Individualized Education Plan for each child with specific well-articulated goals by the Special Educators along with parents.
  • Orientation of typically developing children in the grade and all adults interacting with the child to ensure effective inclusion.
  • Empowerment and Training workshops and orientation for teachers to help cater to needs of different learners without discrimination.
  • Quarterly need based parent interaction at school.