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In these unprecedented times of the Covid-19 crisis, we know that our children will be physically out of school for some time, but we are ensuring that they will not be out of learning! Welcome to the Riverside online classrooms that are enriched with authentic opportunities for building both Content and Character woven with the elements of Rigor, Relevance and Relationships.

What Sets Riverside Online Apart?

This creative and audacious journey of learning is designed to be engaging as well as purposeful. Our children continue to use each day to seek new opportunities, learn new skills and become better versions of themselves!

The program re-imagines what a blended learning model could look like in the long term, if it is crafted with online and offline education components that complement each other. Whilst, we are continuing to seed Empathy, Ethics, Excellence, Elevation and Evolution in our children through the strong foundation of our HumanE curriculum, we see the power of the online component open up newer possibilities of teaching and learning in our ecosystem.

LEARNING THEMES (Offering Choice and Voice to Children):

The Learning themes for our children have been designed to ensure that children learn through practicing reflection and compassionate creativity.

  • Key Stage 1: Unlocking the Lockdown
  • Key Stage 2: From Crisis to Creativity
  • Key Stage 3: We, the People of India

The Riverside Online Learning programme is designed to help you continue your education sitting at home and still explore the world of opportunities!


Handholding - one on one

tutoring with subject teacher


Time without zoom meeting

where students learn via online

resources and from each other


Deep dive - into and array of

domains with experts in the field


Trigger - to think and explore the

world with alumni and parents


Academic Program


Total time online


Mini Challenges to bond


Zoom meetings


As has been the practice on Riverside campus, our online communications are also managed in a respectful and safe way. We feel it is important that the screen time children spend online is useful and carefully selected. Therefore, at Riverside Online we have chosen to deliver lessons in four interconnected steps:
  • Synchronous real-time learning
  • Self-directed learning
  • Office Hours
  • Bridge Assignments