Jan 24

I CAN Talks

Dec 09

I CAN Festival

Design for Change hosted I CAN Festival at NID

Nov 22

Kshitij Sharma of 2016-2017 Batch, has been declared "Top in Country" in Chemistry

in the MAR2017 "A" Level Examination Series, by Cambridge Assessment International Education

Nov 18

Article published by Newzhook

Building empathetic, caring citizens is the aim of Riverside School's inclusive approach

Nov 16

Qimpro Awards 2017

Kiran Receiving the Qimpro Gold Standard in Education Award in Mumbai

Nov 15

Article published in Teacher Magazine

Parul Patel's article - Inclusion by Design - A way of Life at Riverside - in Teacher Magazine JUL-SEP 2017 issue

Nov 12

Grade 4 - Citizenship Programme

Grade 4 children engaged in the true spirit of "Seva" during their visit to a Gurudwara as part of their Citizenship Programme