Nov 18

Article published by Newzhook

Building empathetic, caring citizens is the aim of Riverside School's inclusive approach

Nov 15

Article published in Teacher Magazine

Parul Patel's article - Inclusion by Design - A way of Life at Riverside - in Teacher Magazine JUL-SEP 2017 issue

Nov 13

Riverside Learning Center

Introducing Workshop Series 2017-18

Nov 12

Grade 4 - Citizenship Programme

Grade 4 children engaged in the true spirit of "Seva" during their visit to a Gurudwara as part of their Citizenship Programme

Nov 01

The Riverside School - AQS Report Card

Report on The Riverside School, from Adhyayan, on completion of our Self//External Audit as an Ashoka Changemaker School

Oct 02

India's First Speaking Coffee Table Book

Nilu receiving a Certificate from Unified Brainz for Kiran being featured as one of the 105 Who's Who of Gujarat

Sep 22

Educacao 360 Conference

Kiran delivering the Closing Keynote Address at Educacao 360 - an International Education Conference in Rio, Brazil